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Are you a life cycle analyst, sustainability officer, or product developer? There are several types of SimaPro licenses, each tailored to specific needs. If you need help choosing a license, contact us!

Most common license for life cycle analysts

Expert User

€ 5 900/yearly license

Overview licenses


Expert User

€ 5 900/yearly license
€ 13 300/perpetual license

Power User

€ 7 564/yearly license
€ 16 850/perpetual licens

Business User

€ 390 Share
€ 390 Collect
€ 998 Explore

Education and Research

SimaPro PhD

€ 2 630/yearly license
€ 4 900/perpetual license

SimaPro Classroom

€ 6 880/perpetual license

SimaPro Faculty

€ 3 800/yearly license

SimaPro Share & SimaPro Collect

Share and collect

SimaPro Share and SimaPro Collect are interactive, web-based platforms that enhance collaboration and make LCA results more accessible.

SimaPro Share and SimaPro Collect make it easy to share LCA scenarios with stakeholders to disseminate and activate the results. Working with Share & Collect facilitates the collection of data from suppliers and other actors.

A basic version of Share & Collect (a business user license) is included in most SimaPro packages. If more stakeholders or suppliers need to be reached, additional business user licenses can be purchased for €390.

Once you have completed your LCA model, you can present the results in a user-friendly web format. Anyone you choose to share with will have access to the results and the ability to modify selected parameters to see how these changes affect the final outcome. This creates an interactive experience of environmental impact for different types of choices. With SimaPro Share, LCA results become more easily understood insights that can lead to change.



SimaPro is equipped with many LCI datasets, including the renowned ecoinvent database, the new industry-specific Agri-footprint database, and the ELCD database.

The methods are consistent and transparent, allowing you to easily zoom in on your results through the different stages of your LCA.


An LCA is only as good and relevant as the data used. To effectively build and analyze LCA models, transparent, high-quality, and industry-accepted data for the most commonly used materials and processes are required. Quality datasets are included in your SimaPro license.

With SimaPro, you gain access to the largest and most relevant data libraries. In the program, all results can be traced back to their origin with just a few mouse clicks. You can easily zoom in on “hotspots” or areas of focus. All datasets are harmonized in terms of structure, nomenclature, and are well-suited for life cycle impact assessment methods.

Service contract

A service contract provides access to updates for the SimaPro software, as well as included LCI libraries and LCIA methods. It also offers unlimited technical support regarding the installation and functionality of SimaPro.


When you purchase a new SimaPro license, a service contract is always included in the license price for the first year. The service agreement is valid for one year and must be renewed at the same time the previous agreement ends. It is not possible to cancel the service agreement during the agreed period. If you opt for a two-year contract initially, you save 5% off the annual costs, and for a three-year contract, you save 10%

Professional Licenses (SimaPro Analyst, Developer) 1 year 2 years 3 years
Service Contract for single user
Service Contract multi user, each extra user
Educational Licenses (SimaPro, PhD, Classroom) 1 year 2 years 3 years
Service Contract for SimaPro PhD
Service Contract for SimaPro Classroom

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