SimaPro users

Here you can read about how and for what various users and companies use SimaPro. We hope that the reading will inspire increased use of SimaPro. By sharing experiences, we can together create more efficient sustainability work.


Valmet uses SimaPro to meet the requirements of both their customers and the EU taxonomy Valmet is an industry leader that started a life cycle assessment of its products in order to meet the requirements of the European Union taxonomy. … Read More


Digitalization of Climate Calculations: Tacton Integrates SimaPro into CPQ Solution Tacton, a leading provider of configuration, pricing, and quoting solutions (CPQ) for manufacturers, has launched its latest innovation – Environmental Footprint Configuration. The product is the result of a collaboration … Read More


SimaPro creates roadmaps to environmental awareness for Ecobio’s customers Ecobio serves customers at various levels of environmental awareness. SimaPro’s application for life cycle assessment (LCA) receives praise from Ecobio for its flexibility, transparency, and professional approach. For many companies, assessing … Read More


Deltamarin offers sustainable solutions for shipbuilding with SimaPro Deltamarin, a ship design, offshore engineering and construction support services company, provides its customers with environmentally friendly, knowledge-based alternatives for ship construction. The information is based on life cycle assessments (LCA) conducted … Read More


Copyright Hankkija Hankkija uses SimaPro to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture. Hankkija conducts cost-effective life cycle assessments with SimaPro for a wide range of agricultural products and services. With SimaPro, they easily perform assessments based on various methods, and … Read More


SimaPro takes you towards more sustainable business and product development SimaPro LCA software speeds up the creation of reliable and comprehensive life cycle assessments and serves industries that aim at excellent manufacturing. By using it, the company prepares for new … Read More


Lisa Rosengren has led Fristad’s R&D operations for material development for fifteen years. Together with CEO Anders Hülse, they early identified the importance and value of ensuring sustainability throughout the entire raw material value chain. Today, she leads a team … Read More

Research Institute of Sweden (RISE)

The agronomist aiming to contribute to sustainable food production. Danira Behaderovic is an agronomist who, over the past two years, has worked on calculating carbon footprints and assessing other environmental impacts of food production. She works at the RISE research … Read More

Stora Enso

Reliable life cycle analyzes based on new wood construction Stora Enso, the large Finnish wood and paper production group, has been a SimaPro user for three years. Lauri Linkosalmi, Director of Product Management at the Wood unit, says that the … Read More

Karelia University of Applied Sciences

Karelia University of Applied Sciences in Joensuu has started a new project “Communicative Energy” in North Karelia. The idea is to promote the carbon neutrality of digital services. This is a joint project of students and companies, with the purpose … Read More

Oulu University Advanced EU research

A New Holistic View on Energy Transition SimaPro helps to assess the environmental impact of one consumer as well as of the whole region Professor Eva Pongrácz and Senior Researcher Jean-Nicolas Louis at the Water, Energy and Environmental Engineering Research … Read More

Luke II

The Natural Resources Institute Finland, LUKE, does not only develop life cycle assessment (LCA) methods as part of the international scientific community, but also conducts life cycle assessment for the needs of society, politics and business. This is important for … Read More


“The most important thing is to start. To dare to begin the work. Spend time understanding SimaPro to be able to use the enormous potential it has. It’s a playful tool that really allows for deep diving.” Miljögiraff reached out … Read More


“One goal within AFRY is to integrate life cycle analysis with other environmental assessment tools to include the life cycle perspective in other environmental work. We work a lot with the global goals and circular economy strategies, for example.” Miljögiraff … Read More


“The most important contribution from SimaPro is that ABB can produce quantitative figures that can be presented and discussed, rather than relying on the general assumptions that were the focus of previous discussions. This leads to better, more, and more … Read More

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