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With SimaPro, you can assess the environmental impact of products and processes. In SimaPro, you create a scientific foundation that can be used for Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), CSRD reporting, GHG Scope 3 calculations, and strategies to reduce environmental impact.

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SimaPro users

What is SimaPro?

A SimaPro license provides access to the best libraries of LCI data and enables a workflow following ISO standards for life cycle assessments and the development of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). SimaPro is a flexible environmental calculation tool that can be customized to fit your needs.


SimaPro provides complete transparency and avoids hidden assumptions. You gain full insight into the databases regarding materials and processes. You can visualize all materials and processes in the life cycle as flow diagrams and easily zoom in to trace the source of impact down to the smallest detail.
This creates conditions for informed choices and advanced calculations.

Cost effective

SimaPro comes in different versions to meet various needs.
With a license and update agreement, it includes multiple databases with thousands of general data.
All accepted methods for environmental assessments are included.
With a service agreement, virtually unlimited support is provided.
With SimaPro, you have a tool to grow with, without limitations.


Since 1992, SimaPro has evolved in line with ISO 14000, Agenda 21, and all international collaborations for life cycle analysis. At its core is a culture that favors scientific methods, transparency, system analysis, and openness to collaboration without dominance. These values have ensured credibility, relevance, and healthy competition. That's why SimaPro continues to evolve with ambitious and passionate employees and partners.

Product and business development

Licenses for businesses

These types of licenses are suitable for those seeking robust and transparent LCA software for EPDs, sustainability reporting, carbon footprint analysis, product development, or key performance indicator determination.

Education and knowledge development

Licenses for education

The educational licenses are intended for academic purposes. SimaPro is utilized by hundreds of universities worldwide. It is scientifically grounded and enables transparent life cycles. SimaPro provides a comprehensive view of databases and unit processes, which is crucial for making informed decisions and assumptions.

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About us

Miljögiraff - your local SimaPro partner in Sweden and Finland

SimaPro has global partners worldwide to provide the best support in different regions. Miljögiraff is the global partner for SimaPro in Sweden and Finland. When you contact SimaPro support, you will be in touch with one of our team members. Since 2003, Miljögiraff has been working to help customers develop sustainable products and strategies. We are experts in SimaPro and in creating measurability in sustainability efforts. "We believe that sustainable development is a value that only grows larger the more we collaborate. To successfully transition to a sustainable society for all, we need to be transparent and strive for common goals.
We can contribute to making that work more clear and measurable.

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LCA expert
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Company behind the software

PRé Sustainability is a global leader in environmental assessments of products, companies, and industries. Their goal is to create business value by quantifying sustainability metrics. PRé Sustainability is at the forefront of life cycle analysis and the development of sustainability data.

PRé Sustainability

PRé Sustainability assists its partners in developing and integrating fact-based sustainability strategies, leveraging its extensive experience in life cycle assessments. PRé drives the method development of life cycle analysis in product, business, and sector development.

SimaPro Global Network

Together, the global network possesses a wide range of expertise and can provide global service, facilitating large international projects with one or more clients.

Ethical core values

We aim to contribute to the long-term restoration of our planet and our corporate resilience.
We achieve this by engaging in collaborations with a focus on transparency, quality, and precision. Read more about our ethical core values here.

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